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Borderclick Shipping Promotions

Bag, Borrow or Steal

Friday July 3 rd 2009

I am into large handbags at the moment. I love big bags as I carry around quite a lot of stuff. I used to laugh at my mum for carrying her big monstrous handbags and teased her that she has her whole kitchen in her bag. Fifteen years down the road and two kids later, I am getting jibes from her for carrying such a huge handbag. In my handbag, I have my wallet, coin pouch, comb, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, tissues, lipsticks, lip glosses, face powder, hand lotion, my notebook (to write on kind), a toy car…, wait. TWO toy cars! And I wonder why my handbag weighs roughly the weight of a baby elephant.

Back in those days when my mum was lugging her big mummy handbag, she did not have as many choices as me. Yes, I am lucky. These days, we have everything from the ultra exclusive designer bags to cheapie bags that you can get from your neighbourhood night markets. I was just browsing online the other day and saw Coach’s newest range. So. Gorgeous. I wish I could afford to get them ALL. Feast your eyes on Maggie. (Not Maggi Mee, ok?)


Clockwise from the top: Black, Gray, Cinnamon and Saffron

These beauties are US$ 398.00 (MYR 1393.00/ SGD 576.00). Here’s more on Maggie:

  • Polished leather
  • Inside zip pocket
  • Cellphone/multifunction pockets
  • Ring to clip an accessory or key fob
  • Fabric lining
  • Zip-top closure
  • 23″ straps with 9″ drop
  • 14 1/2 (L) x 13 1/2 (H) x 6 (W)

If you like lightly textured patent leather, you might like to take a look at the patent range. They are also going for US$ 398.00 (MYR 1393.00/ SGD 576.00). See? Very nice!


From left to right: White, Cobalt and Black

Even with shipping charges, am sure you’ll save a few hundreds. Here’s a tip. For even more savings, get your Coach loving sister, mother, grandmother, aunts or friends to consolidate their purchases with you.

Of Objects of Desire and Mole Skins

Monday June 29 th 2009

These days when one mentions notebook, many automatically assume the digital variety. But as a creature of habit, I am one who still loves to scribble on paper instead of going hi-tech like using PDAs. I still rely on my trusty old organiser for my schedules and random jottings. There’s nothing like penning my thoughts or reminders on paper. Alright, I must admit that I think faster than I type and I write much faster than I type. You get the idea, no?

I was just looking at my battered organiser the other day and thinking that it looks rather unprofessional of me to carry something like that to a meeting. After all, first impressions do count as they say. So, I decided to “upgrade”. I have always wanted a Moleskine but have never gotten one. I googled and found my PERFECT Moleskine. (Pronounced mol-a-skeen’-a and not Mole Skin!) Here it is, the object of my desire.


Moleskine Academic Weekly Notebook July 2009 – December 2010 18 Month Soft Black Large

Only $9.13 at According to the official Moleskine website,

The Moleskine Large Soft Cover 18 Month Weekly Notebook is dated from July 2009 to December 2010. Formatted to show the week’s appointments on the left and a ruled page for notes and ideas on the right, this popular planner style is perfect for students and professionals. This Moleskine planner is thread bound and has a soft cover with rounded corners, acid free paper, a bookmark, an elastic closure and an expandable inner pocket that contains the Moleskine history.

I so like! Then, I found at at only $13.57 for this set of gorgeous red weekly planner (large) and a matching read notebook (pocket) perfect for jotting down ideas for my next project or reminders.


Moleskine Weekly Planner – 18 Month Red Twin Set

I am now torn. Shall I get the black professional looking one that will go with everything I have in my closet? Or shall I get the gorgeous in-your-face red one with the little cute one that is perfect for my handbag? Choices, choices……Please help me decide. Please vote. Like now.

More on Moleskine taken from their website

The Legendary Notebook

Moleskine® is the heir and successor to the legendary notebook used by artists and thinkers over the past two centuries: among them Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, and Bruce Chatwin. A simple black rectangle with rounded corners, an elastic page-holder, and an internal expandable pocket: a nameless object with a spare perfection all its own, produced for over a century by a small French bookbinder that supplied the stationery shops of Paris, where the artistic and literary avant-gardes of the world browsed and bought them. A trusted and handy travel companion, the notebook held invaluable sketches, notes, stories, and ideas that would one day become famous paintings or the pages of beloved books.

Chatwin’s Story

The notebook was Bruce Chatwin‘s favorite, and it was he who called it “moleskine.” In the mid-1980s, these notebooks became increasingly scarce, and then vanished entirely. In his book The Songlines Chatwin tells the story of the little black notebook: in 1986, the manufacturer, a small family-owned company in the French city of Tours, went out of business. “Le vrai moleskine n’est plus,” are the lapidary words he puts into the mouth of the owner of the stationery shop in the Rue de l’Ancienne Comédie, where he usually purchased his notebooks. Chatwin set about buying up all the notebooks that he could find before his departure for Australia, but there were still not enough. 

The Moleskine® Notebook

In 1997, a small Milanese publisher brought the legendary notebook back to life, and selected this name with a literary pedigree to revive an extraordinary tradition. Following in Chatwin’s footsteps, Moleskine® notebooks have resumed their travels, providing an indispensable complement to the new and portable technology of today. Capturing reality in movement, glimpsing and recording details, inscribing the unique nature of experience on paper: Moleskine notebook is a battery that stores ideas and feelings, releasing its energy over time.

Today, Moleskine is synonymous with culture, travel, memory, imagination, and personal identity–in both the real world and the virtual world. It is a brand that identifies a family of notebooks, journals, diaries, and innovative city guides, adapted to various functions. With the diverse array of page formats, Moleskine notebooks are partners for the creative and imaginative professions of our time. They represent, around the world, a symbol of contemporary nomadism, in close connection with the digital world, through a network of websites, blogs, online groups, and virtual archives. With Moleskine, the age-old gesture of taking notes and doing sketches –typically analogue activities– have found an unexpected forum on the web and in its communities.

Get Pretty

Saturday June 27 th 2009


What are these pretty things? Are they clutches? Or cheque book holders? When knitting meets fashion, you get Deluxe Clutch. Gone are the days of granny-style knitting bags to store all your knitting and crochet tools. With Deluxe Clutch, you can step out with your favourite hobby tools in style.

This gorgeous clutches can accommodate straight needles, Tunisian crochet hooks and even long handled paint brushes. With 24 slots of different sizes, you can store wide knitting needles, crochet hooks, paint brushes and markers. The secure magnetic closures hold everything safe inside so nothing falls out.

Deluxe Clutch comes in various colours and design. At Annie’s Attic, these are going for $ 59.99. Choose from 4 gorgeous designs with cutesy names – Ariel, Daisy Mae, Paisley Pomegranate and Ruby Stripe.

More on these pretty but functional clutches

  • Dimension: 5.5″ H x 15″ W x 1″D (Close) 15″H x 20″W (Open)
  • 2 magnetic snap closures
  • Corded trim
  • Faille lining
  • Protective flap
  • 1 zipper pocket with custom gold zipper and pull
  • 6 circular needle pockets
  • 24 slots for knitting needles, paint brushes or tools
  • 4 slots for crochet hooks or pencils
  • Handmade in the USA


*Accessories not included.

Get Crafty

Tuesday June 23 rd 2009


Dog Door Critters Learn-To-Sew Kit ($ 6.99)

Sew a Kitty Learn-To-Sew Kid’s Craft Kit ($ 8.99)


Butterfly and Flower Learn-To-Sew Kid’s Craft Kit ($ 8.99)

Bear and Heart Learn-To-Sew Kid’s Craft Kit ($ 8.99)

Most kids love getting their hands and imagination busy with arts and crafts. Instead of your usual paper and crayons, why not do something different for a change to help nurture your child’s creativity. With Quincrafts Dog Door Critters Learn-To-Sew Kit, am sure that it will keep your kids busy for quite a while. This beginner learn-how-to-sew kit is ideal for those aged 6 and above as it comes with pre-cut holes to help little hands sew. At, it is going for $ 6.99 and each kit has:

*    Pre-cut dog and heart felt shapes

*    Pink and brown yarn

*    Stuffing material

*    Sequins for decorating

*    Safe plastic needle

As charges a flat shipping rate of $ 2.95, enjoy greater savings by ordering more Learn to Sew Kits by Quincrafts. If your kids love kittens, am sure that they would love Quincrafts Sew a Kitty Learn-To-Sew Kid’s Craft Kit at $ 8.99. This kit includes all that is needed to sew a cute kitty and there are also sequins for decoration. Another fun-to-do Learn-To-Sew Kit is the Butterfly and Flower Learn-To-Sew Kid’s Craft Kit also priced at $ 8.99.

For those who adore bears, get Bear and Heart Learn-To-Sew Kid’s Craft Kit ($ 8.99) and the “beary” special bear and heart are suitable as presents for mums, dads or grandparents. These fun and cute craft kits will no doubt keep your kids entertained and parents get to keep these keepsakes to remember the happy times spent making them together.

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