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Sunday August 30 th 2009

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Spread The Love

Sunday August 30 th 2009


From left: Pocbac Cucumber MelonMidnight PomegranateNectarine Mint


From left: Sea Island CoconutSweet Pea

“Spread the love, not the virus” is my mantra these days. With a horrible disease like Influenza A (H1N1) claiming more lives everyday, personal hygiene should be everyone’s top priority. One of the methods that has been recommended by the health authorities is the usage of hand sanitizers. While there are many different brands of hand sanitizers out there, my personal favourite is the one by Bath & Body Works.

I love the pocket-sized PocketBacTM Deep Cleansing Hand Gel as it is so portable that you can carry them in your handbag, laptop bags or even school bags. This small wonder contains natural ingredients and powerful germ killers that help you keep your hands clean wherever you go. The PocketBacTM Deep Cleansing Hand Gel contains Vitamins B5 and E to nourish your skin and leaves your skin gently scented. I really adore the many different scents that this hand gel comes in. At only US$ 1.50 per 1 fl. oz. bottle (30ml), am sure it is a small price to pay to keep nasty germs at bay. Currently, Bath & Body Works has a 5 for $5 PocketBac Hand Gel special offer. With this wonderful offer, you can now have one PocketBac for each of your handbags or you can buy one in each scent.

When Size Does Matter

Friday August 7 th 2009

When shopping for clothes or shoes online, size DOES matter as the correct size will ensure a good fit and comfort. Many e-shoppers often stay away from buying apparel online as they are worried that the clothes or shoes that they have bought online do not fit plus they do not want the hassle of returning those purchases to the merchants. I have personally encountered “sizing issues” and have resorted to having my pants altered by a local tailor. (FYI, even after factoring in my alteration and shipping charges, my Levi’s is still cheaper than the ones available locally.)

Yesterday, I received an sms from my BIL, who is also a fellow avid shopper, that brought new hope to my sizing woes. At Size Me Up, you will be able to find your size at over 30 stores. This site allows you to find your apparel size and also allows vendors to share their sizing charts in simple, easy-to-use format with their customers. With these information available, am sure that it will take a lot of guesswork out of online shopping and sizing.

Besides the nice blue-grey colour scheme and neat layout, I also like the registration process. No lengthy tedious online form filling. This gets thumbs up from me as I detest filling out long-winded forms, online or on paper. To get started, you need a measuring tape and do some mouse clicking. All you need to do is to input various measurements according to the easy-to-follow instructions. The site requires you to firstly choose your gender. Then you are required to input measurements for your bust, waist, hips, foot, head circumference and finger. At the end of this oh-so-simple process, this cool site will show you your apparel size in US Standard Size and some merchants such as The Gap and H&M. Just choose the appropriate merchant and apparel to know your size.

Now that I have this wonderful tool, I am off again on another online shopping adventure. This time I won’t need to keep my fingers crossed that my clothes would fit as I can always rely on Size Me Up to help me find the right fit.


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