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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Get ready for your Holidays!

Wednesday February 26 th 2014


Estimated price : Rp11,025,000 (Incl. Shipping to ID)


Estimated price : Rp5,488,000 (Incl. Shipping to ID)


Estimated price : Rp13,454,000 (Incl. Shipping to ID)


Estimated price : Rp631,000 (Incl. Shipping to ID)

London Fog

Estimated price : Rp2,282,000 (Incl. Shipping to ID)

Ralph Lauren

Estimated price : Rp2,331,000 (Incl. Shipping to ID)

MICHAEL Michael Kors

Estimated price : Rp2,282,000 (Incl. Shipping to ID)

Ralph Lauren

Estimated price : Rp1,262,000 (Incl. Shipping to ID)


Estimated price : Rp3,150,000 (Incl. Shipping to ID)


Estimated price : Rp1,602,000 (Incl. Shipping to ID)

Enjoy the Warm Clothing

Monday February 24 th 2014


Striped Short Sleeve Sweater

Estimated price : Rp437,000 (Incl. Shipping to ID)

Kenneth Cole

Abbey Knit Top

Estimated price : Rp1,068,000 (Incl. Shipping to ID)

Kids Special

Thursday February 20 th 2014

Kids Special

Ralph Lauren

Long-Placket Cotton Polo

Estimated price : Rp728,000 (Incl. Shipping to ID)

Convertible chambray shirt & bleached straight jeans

Estimated price : Rp13,600,000 (Incl. Shipping to ID)


Printed flutter-sleeve dress

Estimated price : Rp1,651,000 (Incl. Shipping to ID)



Estimated price : Rp534,000 (Incl. Shipping to ID)


Estimated price : Rp485,000 (Incl. Shipping to ID)

Ralph Lauren

Mesh Flag Polo

Estimated price : Rp971,000 (Incl. Shipping to ID)

Celebrate special men week with vsHUB

Sunday February 16 th 2014


Estimated price : Rp2,904,000 (Incl. Shipping to ID)


Chassis Mini Billfold

Estimated price : Rp4031000 (Incl. Shipping to ID)


Black techno canvas messenger bag

Estimated price : Rp9,234,720 (Incl. Shipping to ID)

Mont Blanc
StarWalker Mystery Ballpoint, Black

Estimated price : Rp5,294,000 (Incl. Shipping to ID)

Polo Ralph Lauren

Exclusive Chocolate Brown Leather Men Bifold Wallet & Credit Card Holder

Estimated price : Rp117,000 (Incl. Shipping to ID)

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